Atlas 2011

Atlas 2011 Free 2.5

See the World on your iPhone


  • Easy to move around the maps
  • Includes physical and political maps


  • Level of detail far inferior to Google Earth

Not bad

Traditionally, Atlases are heavy tomes that are difficult to thumb through to find a place you’re looking for. Not Atlas 2010, which can be carried around in your pocket.

Atlas 2010 is a free iPhone atlas that allows you to explore the World with one finger. You choose a continent to explore from the app's main page then a physical map of that zone is displayed. You can move around the map by holding and dragging your finger, and pinch to zoom in an out.

The maps in Atlas 2010 aren’t very detailed in terms of the places they, but they do mark all capital cities and other important cities and ports. Country borders, rivers and topology are all on display too. Atlas 2010 also boasts a World political map, which, again, can be viewed by holding and dragging, or pinching the screen to zoom.

Atlas 2010 provides a decent enough visual representation of our planet. Essentially, it’s a scanned and scaled-down version of those big maps you used to have on the wall of your geography class.

However, Atlas 2010 comes nowhere close to Google Earth, which is by far the best way to learn geography on an iPhone.

Improve world map image quality for iPhone 4 and iPod 4 Update ad codes


  • Improve world map image quality for iPhone 4 and iPod 4 Update ad codes

Atlas 2011


Atlas 2011 Free 2.5

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